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Youth and Community Learning Centre

Our 4 Principles

Our 4 Principles

At YCLC there are principles of behaviour by which young people are expected to abide. These apply at all times when associated with the centre [i.e. on excursions].

Being respectful: i.e. respect for oneself, other young people at the centre, the centre and its staff; being aware that people have the right to live, to learn and to work harmoniously with others at all times; realising that people have a right to feel safe and not to be bullied by others; working together; being patient; treating others as they would like to be treated.

Having a go: i.e. being willing to participate in all sessions and activities at and outside the centre including kitchen duty, cleaning around the centre and sport; trying one’s best; motivating one’s fellow young people.

Being Fair Dinkum: i.e. being honest, admitting mistakes, talking to staff if there are issues at home; telling appropriate people the truth; being on task; listening to other options.

Being safe and legal: i.e. coming to the centre fit and ready for sessions, dressing appropriately for activities, following the laws of the country; displaying appropriate physical contact; maintaining a tidy YCLC environment; using equipment properly.

4 Principles


Have A Go

Fair Dinkum

Safe & Legal