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Youth and Community Learning Centre
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Table Top Mountain Climb 2016

Table Top Mountain Climb 2016

Students from the Youth and Community Learning Centre in Toowoomba experienced a rich taste of culture in their region during their recent Table Top Mountain Climb. Accompanied by historian Dr. Ray Kerkhove and Jagera Daran Cultural Heritage Officer James Bonner as well as a host of well-respected community members, the students made their way to the top of Meewah – as it is more commonly known by the Indigenous people of that area. James shared several stories and traditional knowledges and Ray spoke to the young people about the history of Toowoomba and the Darling Downs; including the ‘Battle Of One Tree Hill’ and the significant people who were involved in the epic clash. “Multuggerah was one of the leaders in the resistance campaign against the Europeans at the time, he was fighting for his land and trying to protect his way of life – his lore” says Engagement Officer Joshua Waters. “Learning about our history is crucial to the formation of our identity as a people and as a nation, and it especially helps young people find meaning and purpose in their lives.” This activity was part of a year-long program called Biarah Burrah set up between the school and Paul Carmody, a Teacher at Amaroo Environmental Education Centre. “Paul and his team have been great for us this year and I can’t thank them or  the YCLC staff or  any of the community members who have assisted with this project enough. It’s been a real pleasure for everyone involved” Mr Waters said. Their next activity in the program is a one-day camp at the Bunya Mountains mid-way through Term 4.


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