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Good Samaritan College

Our service


Good Samaritan College picks up young people from their designated address in Toowoomba each morning and drops them off at the same address in the afternoons. On occasions it may be necessary for a young person to be transported in a Good Samaritan College car eg for medical appointments. The College may take young people to and from courses, SBA and work experience.

Life skills

Includes activities to assist young people in the areas of goal setting, planning for the future, cooking, kitchen operations, budgeting, completing a Careers Interest test, updating their resume, application letter writing (if applicable), learning to work with government and community organisations, obtaining a driver’s licence or learners’ permit, booking appointments and sexual health discussions.

Rock and Water

All young people will take part in three Rock and Water sessions each week. The program aims assist young people in their development to adulthood by increasing their self-realisation, self-confidence, self-respect, boundary awareness, self-awareness and intuition. A specific goal for the course is teaching people to deal with power, strength and powerlessness. All teaching staff at Good Samaritan College have been trained to run this program.


Apart from the Rock and Water program this includes the Love Bites program, emotional regulation sessions, developing a deeper understanding of self and self-compassion, facing challenges, trying new things, dealing with stress and frustrating situations and expressing oneself in a positive way, being prepared to step outside one’s comfort area and have a go at new situations.

Health and the Young Person

Good Samaritan College supports the health of the young person through organising and transporting them to dental, optometrist. medical and audiology appointments.


All young people are supplied with breakfast, morning tea and lunch. Young people are expected to assist with food preparation, cooking, food service and clean up.