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Good Samaritan College

Our values

The values of Good Samaritan College are

  • Community – The common good is achieved when we work together to provide high quality wellbeing and educational outcomes for our young people, staff and the wide members of our College. Unity helps us to achieve greatness and excellence.
  • Courage – We are challenged by the parable of the Good Samaritan to “Go and do Likewise!”. To seek justice and fairness by being the change the young people wish to see for themselves and their world. Courage is required in many situations, sometimes it is loud and other times it is subtle, but it is always called upon when we take to the risk to be more and do more.
  • Curiosity – Authentic curiosity is essential for growth. It allows us to listen with intent and to deepen our learning through connecting and questioning. It can lead to intrinsic motivation and engagement whilst promoting a growth mindset.
  • Compassion – A belief in the inherent dignity of each member of our community underpins every aspect the College. This is demonstrated through word and action and is recognised by kindness, respect and understanding.