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Good Samaritan College

Who we are

Good Samaritan College is an ungraded unique learning environment that provides customised educational experiences for young people. It is a privilege to provide learning programs that ensures the realisation of success through industry for each person, as s/he progresses through their individual learning journeys. We empower the staff and students to co-create high-quality authentic and individualised learning programs that support the learning and well-being of our young people.

The key to the success of Good Samaritan College is the supportive environment that is actively fostered by the entire staff and community, in order to allow our young people to either transition into mainstream schooling, complete a QCE and/or complete relevant certification to transition to further learning, training or employment.

Good Samaritan College is a practical expression of Toowoomba Catholic School’s commitment to providing exemplary places of learning and spiritual growth, so that through education, the young people enliven the College values of Community, Courage, Curiosity and Compassion.